Bigfavor Enterprise Data Management Software & Semantic Geospatial Database Provider

Bigfavor's Enterprise Data Management EDM software solution and the (man-made) global semantic geospatial relational database (that the EDM helped to create) are part of a long-term strategy that Eddy Caspers had (in 2001) and took on after an "Eureka!" moment in his coastal village (30 km south of Amsterdam) in The Netherlands in West Europe.

Bigfavor later also developed 3 'missing' innovative software solutions (powered by Cloudinary): 1. iMacro Privileged Access Management (ACCESSINTO) 2. Digital Asset Management (and 3.) drag-and-drop dynamic graphics editor (imgCanvas). 

5 new software solutions are now being merged into one data-driven management platform for business units and organisations (100% secure 100% private, blockchain). The platform will be offered via an international (scalable) multi-level network of 1st level partner resellers (system providers) on a pay-per-click basis (freemium).

Bigfavor's goal is to offer 'time and trouble saving' SAAS services to businesses, and to involve workers to help redistribute Bigfavor's generated income; depositing (donating) their accumulated e-wallet tokens to any Bigfavor approved charity project (or start-up business) of their choice... to do big favors.

Semantic Geospatial Database Provider Bigfavor

About Bigfavor

Hi and welcome to Bigfavor, we can only describe some of the many new possibilities of Bigfavor's innovative software solutions (that my teams and I created for you). If you have any questions the reach out to us.  

Bigfavor is an upcoming Dutch Foundation that is determined to launch the Bigfavor project, one that started 19 years ago (unofficially). As a non-profit (startup) will soon offer an enormous (hand managed) database (browse the world).

Bigfavor's spatial database can be used for dynamic imagery suite of innovative software solutions (DAM & PAM) on a token-based pay-per-click basis.

Bigfavor users participate in generated profit distribution either by involving supportive users to help distribute the generated wealth or automatic (by using Bigfavor charity Pay-Per-Click privacy-token system).

Access to Bigfavor's private secure platform is only possible via (or becoming) one of our White-label affiliated System Providers.

Charity Integrator of Multiple Innovative Data & Team Management Software Solutions 2019 

Internet is not structured ("the cloud"), but wouldn't it be great if you could just browse a structured web (without typing keywords)? simply drilling up and down by clicking categories? This would mean the opposite of what Google is doing (few categories) yet what pc users are doing daily when they browse their maps (file-folders) on their your pc. Bigfavor is a semantic (language interchangeable) universal file-folder system (hand-made) that can be used by anyone in any language (pre-translated). So far it took (Eddy Caspers) 12 years to page-scrape and categorize the web with millions of categories. and build an easy to use collaborative data management software to view and manage big data, well.. this is what we did and are doing for many years.

Enterprise Data Management EDM

Bigfavor has developed a unique (very simple to use) enterprise data management methodology (CSV).

This new method resulted in the software development of Bigfavor's Enterprise Data Management (EDM) web application (data management for dummies).

Bigfavor's EDM was then used to built an initial browseable relational spatial database 'of the world' (over a period of 12 years). 

Bigfavor's relational spatial database is a fact and proof that the data management method and the EDM software solution of Bigfavor works above and beyond.

Semantic Relational Spacial database

Bigfavor's relational spatial database is a fact and proof that the data management method of Bigfavor works.

Bigfavor has 'made a start' building a multi-lingual browseable semantic relation database (location, marketplace, business directory).

The  browseable semantic relational spacial database (location, marketplace, business directory) can be used by anyone in any language. Accessed from within ACCESSINTO Privileged Access Management. Will user generate perfect Point Of Interest (POI) maps to find and connect with fe. people, businesses, institutions, governments.

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